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Telephone System

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Placing and receiving telephone calls is a large piece of our business, so we have invested in the most advanced telephone system available to support our current needs, as well as our future growth. Not only does the system provide us with unlimited reporting capabilities, it also features an increased dialer capacity and functionality, dramatically increasing productivity by more than 300%.

We Provide:
  • Computer Telephone Integration (CTI).
  • Advanced dialer technology that increases contacts and eliminates lag time for patients who answer.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Virtual Agent.
  • An advanced queuing system for automating voicemail returns and scheduled call backs.
  • Supervisor alert, chat and monitoring features.
  • Supervisor ability to listen to a call and join a call.
  • Desktop pop-up integrates telephone calls with account information.
  • Sophisticated and real-time call reporting capabilities and benchmarking of key metrics.
  • Unified omnichannel contact center and communications platform.
  • Unparalleled analytics system following complete patient journeys.
  • Real-time client analytics dashboard of performance metrics.
  • Advanced text and chatting features.
  • Certified in-house telecommunication engineers that customize our solutions.
  • Queuing and tracking of escalated calls.
  • Real-time monitoring of staffing levels, queue times and abandonment rates.
  • Call Recording.

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