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Business Intelligent Reporting

We provide the data clients need, at their fingertips.

Automated Reporting Platform

Too often we see business offices not receiving the reports that they were promised. At HON, we believe current reports and real-time data should be available to our clients at all times and at no additional cost.

Reports should be easily accessible, user-friendly, leading-edge and should be protected and secure from outside threats. With this in mind, HON created an automated reporting platform and web portal completely dedicated to our clients. Each report can be easily viewed and printed in multiple platforms. The web portal gives our clients the knowledge and tools they need to control their accounts, and be confident in our performance.

We Provide:
  • Data Analytics.
  • Access to reports via a client portal and automated e-mails.
  • Access to both executive summaries and account drilldowns.
  • Access to benchmarking for desired results.
  • Access to call monitoring results and ability to conduct your own call monitoring.
  • Access to recorded calls.
  • Ability to assign tasks and track progress on current projects.
  • Access to a calendar that includes target dates, visit dates, agendas.
  • Reporting tailored to the needs of the individual client.
  • One-stop shopping for all your reporting needs.
  • No need for 3rd party platforms.
  • Tracking and trending of:
    • Call Statistics
    • Collections
    • Payments
    • Inventory
    • Listings
    • Returns
    • Bad Address
    • Patient requests
    • Issues
    • Escalations
    • Compliments
    • Reconciliations
    • Statements

Providing the data for effective decision making