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Insurance Follow-Up

Reach receivable goals.

Automated Workflow

Our insurance follow-up team provides an aggressive, multi-angled approach to investigating and collecting on unpaid and underpaid accounts. We are specialists in recovery for managed care, commercial, Medicare/Medicaid, and workers compensation insurance plans. Our workflow is automated and streamlined so that our representatives are able to work effectively and efficiently through your accounts. Adding to our automated workflow processes are well-trained and experienced staff members, who will improve your accounts receivable by minimizing your office backlogs and increasing your cash collections. Our representatives work as part of your insurance follow-up team to seamlessly assist you in maximum insurance payment recovery.

We Provide:
  • Investigations into unpaid and underpaid accounts.
  • Correction of claims and resubmission.
  • Reduction of denials and write-offs.
  • Automated process to streamline workflows through RPA such as:
    • Eligibility verification
    • Claim status check
    • Authorization/referral process
    • Queuing system and reporting platform
  • Expedited claim resolution.
  • Aggressive appeals process.
  • Assistance with conversion projects.
  • Legal assistance for stubborn payers.
  • Robust reporting of payer trends and issues.
  • Cost-effective solution that saves time and increases recoveries.

Get cost-effective results with automated follow-up