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Since 1998

Customer Service

Customer service is at the heart of all that we do.

Burden Free Service

Our entire organization is structured around providing our clients with a successful and burden-free partnership. We believe that by building a world class organization and by providing excellent telephone service, we will not only increase your patient satisfaction, but your recoveries as well.

We have job standards that reflect a commitment to pleasing patients and clients. HON offers flexibility to patients by providing several communication channel options. We also employ outstanding team leads, supervisors, managers and an escalation team with extensive experience in healthcare. Everything from our account flow to reporting and benchmarking will be custom fit for you. Our services will enhance your patients' customer service and lessen the burden on your staff.

A World Class Call Center:
  • Does not skim accounts, but works each and every account.
  • Provides prompt responses to requests, concerns and other feedback.
  • Continuously forecasts for future needs.
  • Constantly explores technology enhancements.
  • Provides patients with multilingual services.
  • Provides world-class desktop tools for account representatives.
  • Participates in on-site meetings and conference calls to enhance communication.
  • Monitors client/patient satisfaction via surveys and a tracking system.
  • Logs and trends requests, concerns and positive feedback.
  • Delivers superior services and recoveries.

Paying attention to the details that matter