Bringing Big Ideas
Into the Light

Operating Platform

Invest in the future with a powerful workflow management tool.

Beyond the Basics

What makes our operating system unique is the customization we have implemented. To ensure a fully integrated and seamless flow of information, we have integrated our operating platform with our telephone system and other internal systems. Instead of manipulating our operations to accommodate our technology, we manipulate our technology to accommodate our operations and the needs of our clients.

We have an in-house team of developers who keep all systems user friendly and provide quick responses. We have customizable systems and programs, making partnering with our company easy to do. Our self-service options for patients include the ability to make payments, apply for financial assistance, and update demographic and insurance details.

We Provide:
  • Technology that goes beyond the basics.
  • Data analytics on past payment history to create intelligent and automated workflow systems.
  • Financial Assistance scrubs to move your accounts to appropriate resolution.
  • Direct importation of account notes, flags and codes into client accounts.
  • Access to view statements.
  • Automatic tracking of statements with USPS. Electronic return mail with USPS.
  • Workforce queuing systems that automate and track patient requests and calls.
  • Sophisticated workflow and call campaign integration.

Customized technology to meet client needs