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Quality Assurance

Measuring each step to success

Managing Metrics

Hiring and training the right team is essential, but the work shouldn’t end there. At HON, we believe in continuing to invest in our success by taking every opportunity to learn, grow, and improve.

Our state-of-the art telephone system allows for call monitoring and targeted call review, ensuring consistent and ongoing coaching for our staff. Additionally, our sophisticated reporting platform allows us to stay focused on the metrics that are important to YOU — from call statistics to collections to patient satisfaction rates. We are committed to quality in everything we do.

We Provide:
  • Issue/Complaint Management System (track, trend, analyze, resolve).
  • Call Center terminology, management and benchmarking.
  • Quality assurance monitoring and coaching through data analytics.
  • Recordings of all calls.
  • Committing to quality and continuous improvement.
  • Building an effective monitoring program with a fine tuned QA form.
  • Workforce Management.
  • Automating reviews with tone and word searches.
  • Creating a positive work environment by giving real time feedback.
  • Call Center technology.

"What gets measured gets done. What gets recognized gets done again and even better." -Robert Crawford