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Chatbots/Virtual Agents

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Empowering Patients

The way people communicate has changed. If you want to be on the forefront of technology; if you want to enhance the patient experience; if you want to foster increased service accuracy and speed; you need to harness the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven chatbots and virtual agents.

Aspen Neve, our patient bot and virtual agent, allows patients to interact, using voice and text, to receive assistance at any time of the day and without the need to speak to a human agent. Offering a blend of human and automated channels to your patients can promote positive, impactful changes in many areas—from improved patient and staff satisfaction rates to reduced costs with added workflow efficiencies.

What can HON’s AI technology do for you?

Our AI driven Virtual Agent can:
  • Help to distinguish your organization with forward-thinking technology and customer service.
  • Enhance your patient service with first-contact resolution.
  • Automate common and repetitive questions, freeing up staff time to handle more important tasks.
  • Eliminate high abandonment and queue rates with immediate assistance.
  • Provide 24/7 assistance to your patients.
  • Eliminate scheduling issues because of staff shortages.
  • Allow prompt escalation and seamless connections with human agents.
  • Increase compliance with accurate and consistent implementation of your policies and procedures.
  • Offer patients the ability to interact in a host of languages.
  • Learn from previous conversations and past history via machine learning.
  • Track each interaction.

Empower your patients and staff with the latest tools