Revenue Cycle Management
At Its Peak

Clients Thrive in the 21st Century

At Healthcare Outsourcing Network (HON), we pride ourselves in turning ordinary expectations into extraordinary results. We guarantee a customized early-out solution for your office. Not only do we specialize in healthcare services, but in fact, it is all we do.

We service clients throughout the country and offer solutions for Self-Pay Management, Insurance Follow-up, Call Center Support, In-House Training and Quality Assurance, Benchmarking, Virtual Agents/Chatbots, Data Analytics, Process Automation, and other Advanced Technology and Reporting for the healthcare industry.

With over 20 years of experience in bringing revenue cycle management and call center technology to the healthcare industry, we want to help each client in their journey to the peak of financial management.

The success we have had in our business office operations can be attributed to our strong partnership with HON. Healthcare Outsourcing Network has consistently exceeded our expectations.

A burden free partnership with flexibility