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"There are no traffic jams in going the extra mile."

- Roger Staubach

Patient told me that our employee was absolutely phenomenal to her. She mentioned that the employee resolved every issue and it brought the patient to tears. She stated that she has a chronic illness that she has been dealing with for months; the employee went above and beyond to help her make sense of everything, and gave her incredible peace of mind. The patient stated that she is going to tell every hospital that she visits that they should hire this type of employee, because she was amazing. Please let her know how much I appreciate her!

I want to give a shout out to an employee of yours. She took over our account and helped in an immense way! Our insurance was dragging their feet. I could not get action out of them. Your employee is ever so friendly and polite and I haven't seen her type of persistence! She must have called them weekly and the bill was paid in full! I want to relay to you the invaluableness of an employee such as her!

I spoke with a patient today who told me that our employee did a great job resolving her situation. The patient said, ‘She not only resolved things, but she did it correctly. I could hear her documenting. I used to work in (and now train people in) a call center environment, so the fact that she did all kinds of things not only right, but more than right, just really made me feel confident in her ability. I want her supervisors to know how important it was to me that she made sure things were done correctly.’

Patient wanted to express her gratitude and thanks for our account representative’s service. As a manager herself, she feels the call was handled perfectly. When she received the call, she was a little upset and the employee really helped. She gives the representative a 10 on a scale of 1-10 for a job well done, and says that customer service, in general, needs more representatives like her.

Reviewing the benefits page from my insurance plan reminded me that the incident happened in April, so I have owed this account for over 8 months! This is LONG overdue; however, the account representative was so nice to me, understanding and helpful. I was treated with respect and dignity. Your employee is an asset to your organization and I appreciate her attitude towards me. It is hard enough, as I attempt to crawl out of this financial hole, but people like her make working with a creditor not so painful.

A patient called today to express that our employee was very kind, helpful, patient, and made her feel comfortable.  She said that she worked in customer service and felt that the employee should be recognized for the good quality service she provided: ‘You keep that girl, because she’s as good as it gets! I just wanted to say thanks to her. Give her credit because she really helped me out!’

I wanted to share a wonderful compliment I received today. I had the pleasure of speaking to the patient's spouse. She advised the patient is a physician, so she often works with the hospital. She expressed her appreciation for the employee’s professional demeanor saying, She found it refreshing to speak with someone who was kind, confident, and with outstanding customer service.

I spoke to a patient about one of our employees today. She said our employee was so helpful and great — exactly what customer service should be!

I received a voice message from a patient today with a compliment after speaking with our employee. He wanted to let me know how wonderful she is. He stated, ‘She was patient, knowledgeable, helpful and quick-witted.  She was a real treat.’

A patient expressed her appreciation for our employee‘s great customer service and wonderful phone etiquette. ‘Your representative exceeded my expectations with her willingness to listen and her ability to answer all my questions. The representative was so very kind and helpful!’

Patient expressed his appreciation for representative's great customer service. He states, She was phenomenal and bent over backwards to ensure this was a one call resolution. Patient mentioned he rarely gets this kind of service and wanted to make sure she is recognized for a job well done. She went above and beyond and worked really, really hard to try and resolve his concern. He said that everything she did to help him made for a FANTASTIC situation for him as a patient and we are very lucky to have her on our team!

A patient called today to let us know we have a fantastic employee.  She stated, ‘He helped me with a very confusing bill.  He was patient, professional, and had a personal touch to make a dreadful situation smooth. He rectified the situation, and if there is any merit, he is deserving!’ The patient rated his customer service as a 10+, saying, ‘This employee is top-notch and a quality employee, and undoubtedly deserves recognition.’

This patient wanted to give kudos to our employee. The patient said when speaking to our employee the first time, she did not pressure her to make the payment right away, and did not make her feel bad for not being able to pay the bill that day. Today she called to make a payment and just happened to get the same employee to assist her. The patient said she is golden, the way she handled the call was very good, and that she provided great customer service.