Leading the Way

The Gold Miners

Working in a dark space with glowing lights, our IT team utilizes cutting edge technology and delivers clear-cut reporting. They mine for the data that is important to you, and ensure that all systems are up and running 24/7.

Database Manager
Karl Schoenberger

Mr. Schoenberger has 12 years of experience with database administration, data integration and reporting on several platforms. An accomplished member of the HON team, he is responsible for much of the thoughtful and custom programing that HON has been able to provide to our clients. Karl is a great resource to our clients with programming needs and has immense experience with various accounts receivable software systems. He receives countless accolades for his ability to understand the needs of clients and find effective and timely solutions. He manages the development of reporting, data integration, data reconciliation as well as system redundancy and server maintenance. He is additionally critical in HON's development of sophisticated processes including data mining for workflow effectiveness.

Project Manager
Mike McClurg

Mr. McClurg is an accomplished Systems Administrator and Network Engineer with over 12 years of experience providing systems deployment, integration, and administration. An invaluable member of the HON team, Mr. McClurg's primary responsibilities include: the overall planning, organization and execution of all information technology; maintaining organizational quality of service, effectiveness and efficiency through the use of technology; advising on emerging technology and how it can help the company and its clients; management of IT related projects and internal systems; keeping management and clients updated on project progress; and, ensuring the security of data and systems by implementing redundancies, disaster recovery, and backup procedures.

Network & Telecommunications Engineer
Thomas Maher

Mr. Maher has over 10 years of experience with desktop support, systems deployment, and network administration and is critical to our day-to-day operations. Mr. Maher's responsibilities at HON include system setup and configuration, user access control, administering e-mail and anti-virus systems, and troubleshooting and resolving user issues in a timely manner. Additionally, he is responsible for maintaining our computing environment and telephone systems by identifying network requirements, installing upgrades and monitoring performance. Mr. Maher is a certified engineer for our phone system, allowing us to make all system changes in-house.

Database Developer
Andreas Beuschel

Mr. Beuschel is a Database Developer and Administrator with over 12 years of experience in data transformation, various reporting solutions, database administration and technical documentation. Mr. Beuschel brings to HON a unique perspective - he is a German native and has experience as a technical environmental consulting engineer and project manager. At HON, his primary responsibilities include development and management of reporting, data integration and data reconsolidation. He ensures high levels of data availability and contributes to HON bringing business intelligence to all clients. Mr. Beuschel also helps his team by evaluating and advising on all technology components.

HON’s IT has been a pleasure to work with throughout the duration of this project. Their calm, flexible, and precise demeanor is very welcoming. They have an obvious expertise in their area. They focus on solutions. They are very responsive and proactive in their communication. They are a pleasure!