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Self-Pay Management

Specializing in extended business office projects

Finding Solutions

HON specializes in the handling of extended business office projects for hospitals and large medical groups. We believe the heightened scrutiny placed on healthcare providers, the technological demands of patients, and the delays in insurance payments make our services more beneficial than ever before.

Our advanced technology allows us to serve your patients 24/7/365 in their format of choice: chat, text, voice, or portal. For those who prefer a more personal touch, our experienced and highly trained customer service team is available to assist with all questions or concerns. Understanding a patient’s history, and empowering that patient to find the right solution to resolve their account through an advanced mix of human and automated channels, is our specialty.

We Provide:
  • Dedicated and bilingual staff that will take the burden off of your office.
  • First-contact resolution for your patients.
  • Financial assistance scrubbing and screening, as well as document management and patient assistance.
  • Sophisticated workflow technology.
  • Predictive analytics based on payment history.
  • Automated payment arrangement management.
  • Coverage identification and insurance billing.
  • Issue management escalation and tracking system.
  • Patient-friendly, single statement billing.
  • USPS tracking and electronic mail, plus easy statement viewing.
  • Credit balance management.
  • Reporting platform built using sophisticated data analytics.
  • Customized programs to fit specific client needs, including the development of a customer service manual.
  • A collaborative team that makes our partnership easy.

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